What's going on in the Middle East?

The following analysis is due to emus.

Now all the Arab countries might adapt sharia under western pressure because, sharia strengthens western propaganda when west want to project others as backward and their cultural enemy. Syria and Libya was the two remaining progressive and secular countries. Libya is already gone to NATO trained western version of Islamists. Syria might follow. western rulers want to spread the propaganda that women are oppressed elsewhere in the world but west, using sharia as the normal for the Muslim world. they want people to be in dark about real issues that affect them and how they are being controlled and screwed by the elites. I think plenty of wealthy white people are aware of these tricks. they just cannot be trusted. they are born to deceive. sharia helps west spread propaganda, xenophobia, hate. there are countries where women are horribly oppressed. but west doesn’t want them to make any amendment in favor of secular laws. it’s because west doesn’t want to be run out of excuses to exploit a crisis or reason to target those countries if they stop being a good puppet. sharia is like an insurance for the west to be exploited. why does Dubai spend millions constructing mosques designed by western civil engineers? it’s because if people stop being religious then the rulers won’t be able to exploit religion or cultural shock anymore to create conflicts and profit from it.

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