What is Socialism?

James Cannon: “Socialism, in the old days that I can recall, was often called the society of the free and equal, and democracy was defined as the rule of the people. These simple definitions still ring true to me. … We socialists are the most aggressive and consistent advocates of democracy in all fields and that, in fact, we are completely devoted to the idea that socialism cannot be realized otherwise than by democracy.”

I agree, but the terms demand refinement. To be free – not to fear to display political activity; to be equal – to live in a country where average income level of 10% of the most wealthy people doesn’t differ much from the income level of 10% of the most poor (Scandinavian countries Denmark, Finland and Sweden have the best ratio − 3. According to sociological studies, the happiest people live there); the rule of the people is a political activity of the majority of people.

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