What did Russian warships forget off Syria?

Axiom. Russia doesn’t conduct independent interior or foreign policy, but is a colony of the US.

Since 90's Russia thoroughly performs program of IMF to curb economic development. I can bring a lot of evidences. For example, interest rate of Russian Central Bank is 8.25%. Russia sells all its oil for US dollars not reserving for its own development. Gasoline in Russia costs almost two times more than in USA.

All this tumult on the Middle East as well as the promotion of the myth that Russia is getting up the knees are only to fund the military and the intelligence.

During the last 11 years Russia has written off some developing countries’ debts to the amount of 80 billion US $. For example, in 2005 Russia had written off Syria’s debt to the amount of 10 billion US $ in exchange for the assurance of new orders for arms purchase. But Syria purchases arms from Russia on less than 150 million US $ a year. Count up how long will it take Russia to realize a profit from this bargain? Why Russia does it? In order not to lose markets to others countries, which can be a real competition to USA. Russia sells all for US dollars, so USA loses nothing by it. By the way, Russian army doesn’t have a single new aircraft or anti-aircraft unit.

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