Do extrasensory individuals exist?

To answer this question I give my translation of fragments of an interview with well known “extrasensory individual” George Gorny, given to Russian journal “Nauka i jizn” (“Science and Life”) 2004 No.3.

To find a needle hidden in a big room without muscular steer of the volunteer you have to learn to find out and analyze others channels of information: pupil’s movements, general dynamics and rhythmics of unconscious bodily movements of the volunteer. To make the reaction more ingenuous, I held an abstractive conversation lulling his vigilance. With time I proceeded to the most difficult thing – to find a recondite object without the bodily contact and being blindfolded. No one there but me could or can do it. Now of all channels of information I have only sounds. Volunteer’s step, audience reaction. Before I am thoroughly blindfolded on the stage I can ask several insignificant questions, which can be helpful. For example: “Do you know where the needle is hidden well enough?” The volunteer can be as silent as the grave. I need audience reaction, not his. Two or three intersecting looks, which I have to catch in the rows, will narrow the search area. But the core information I have to obtain from the volunteer. So it is very important to know, what he (or she) is like as a person, what I can expect from him and in what form. For that I had to spend a lot of time studying thinking styles. At last I begin searching. The volunteer follows me. And now that from all channels of information hearing is only available, my central task is to estimate the resoluteness of his step. Legs can actually prompt no worse than face expression. Resolute step, hesitating. There the volunteer falls behind, then catches up with me. Little by little, I approach the hidden needle, checking on direction by the attendant’s reaction. Sometimes during my performances, resourceful spectators hid a needle in the most unexpected places. On a kolkhoz I had to look for a needle in a huge heap of ears. And when I performed in a penal colony, one convict thrust a needle into a small cucumber, tied it with fishing line to a tooth and swallowed. When I found the needle others convicts said to him: “How can you be a swindler, if you couldn’t hide the needle properly?!” “George Gorny is above my class,” he replied.

A number with demonstration of so-called "skin vision" had permanent success. When being blindfolded and without any contact I identified what an object was shown by spectators, what figures they has chalked up on the blackboard. It is a pity that the act with concurrent execution of six different operations, that I consider an outstanding because I'm the only one in the world who performs it, excites the audience much less. Only scholars are able to appreciate it. I had to make money by impressive and spectacular numbers, such as "skin vision". This number bowled all over: from the man in the street to an academician. I will not reveal a secret of the number. All I can say is that I use perfected through training channels of perceptions which allow me to simulate “skin vision”.

Psychics’ competition

The verification commission included two our eminent scientists: psychology professor V. Lebedev, who was long in charge of psychological preparation of cosmonauts in Zvezdny (Stellar town), and neuropathology professor K. Umansky. There were just two tasks. The first task consisted in the following. Competitioner was given ten similar packets containing different materials − metal plate, plywood, paper, metal plate, heated by one degree Celsius against the ambient, slightly radioactive or magnetized plate, uncharged asbestos, and so forth. Competitioner ought to have read the contents not touching the envelopes. Members of the commission were not informed about the contents as well. Competitioner was supposed to pronounce a packet’s number and estimated content. Members of the commission − to write that down, and then check results. Success was to divine the contents of three packets out of ten. Participants came with papers and diplomas of all kinds of academies of nonnatural sciences, sealed and confirmed that they are distinguished uniques of humanity. Papers are papers, but now the moment of truth has arrived. Testing went day after day but there was null result.

There was one amusing moment yet. Once during testing a regular participant I had a smoke. All of a sudden professor Lebedev ran out and imparted almost with dread: “George! He identifies!” I returned and checked myself. Indeed! He identifies! Not three but four packets out of ten! I must confess I was really confused and puzzled. “What are you, actually?” I asked the competitioner. “I am an operator on TV. I have come here just out of curiosity,” he replied. Then we guessed. The matter was that our packets were made of white paper. For several days of testing dust settled on them, but differently. It was more where a magnet was, and less where there was a dielectric. And this young man, subconsciously, by professional eye of operator, noticed the difference. We changed packets with new, and repeated the test. But the result was
null as expected. This guy laughed and left. But others psychics didn’t give up. “We work not with metals and dielectrics, but with live material. We will show you everything with live patient,” they said.

We intended to give participants a chance to diagnose diseases of patients, whose medical histories are general knowledge for medics. For purity of the
experiment it was necessary to exclude competitioners from using professional medical skills. Skilled doctor is often able to diagnose a disease by appearance of a patient: color of skin or eyes, constitution, breathing rate, bad breath. So it was resolved to make blind experiment. Diagnostician was supposed to diagnose diseases through the screen, to “touch” a patient via biofield, and to tell us his sex and diagnosis. Each diagnostician had three tries with three different patients. We wrote down the data. The result was null. Women were diagnosed prostatitis, men were revealed cervical erosion. But there was a curious case too. One seeker of prize and laurels had come to examination together with his girlfriend. She was not driven away. We had shown weakness and shortly regretted. She had settled in a room so that she could see who exactly was behind the screen. I am experienced performer and well aware how easily the information transfer code can be developed. But we had hidden camera in the room. Our assistant, who was in charge of video surveillance, had seen something fishy, and let us know. By the time competitioner had detected that there is a man behind the screen with an ulcer. I must say that he was right. We had resented the roguery, but remained impassive. We pushed the girl out, and as if nothing were wrong went on with testing. But the dishonesty was liable to a punishment. I brought behind the screen in the capacity of the second patient the same patient who had been examined by the participant. This time he had turned out an apoplectic. The third patient had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Here he loused up so much so that we found it hard to pretend seriousness. As a matter of fact, instead of third patient I put on a chair behind the screen a dummy in general's uniform that I had borrowed from my friends in Water Theater.

Similar tests were carried out twice in USA. Anyone had the opportunity to prove his extrasensory abilities. The first prize was 500 thousand dollars, and during the second attempt it was increased to a million. There was authoritative commission: eminent physiologist Glickman, illusionist Fox, Nobel prize winner Robert Park. There were plenty of those wishing to win the prize - more than 40 000 candidates in psychics. But the prize, as in our case, had remained unclaimed.

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