What is Classical Music?

Classical music is a drug, harmless to health. Why do the majority of people not take it? If you didn’t learn Japanese, you can’t understand Japanese speech. Because to do that you have to develop the brain area, which is to be responsible for Japanese. The many think that their preferences in music are their own individual choice, that every man to his own taste. It is not quite so. Your preferences in music depend on degree of development of the brain area responsible for understanding of music. Classical music is the most difficult kind of all, which means that it would take some time before you begin to understand it. Start with simple: Vivaldi, Bach, Handel. Listen to the music as background while studying or working. Soon enough you'll understand it, that is, get such a thrill you have never experienced. You are listening to classical music more and more, others kinds of music less and less every year. Eventually you will completely refuse pops, rock, or whatever, as it becomes too tedious to you.

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